Saturday, 10 December 2011

Beautiful Thai Girls and Christmas in Isaan Thailand.

Noot Finishing the Tree
I had complained the other day about my decorations and lights going missing, but my star for the top of the tree returned as did the reindeers. But that was it and I could not be bothered asking about all the other things.
Nong Ja and Khan Kluay Dress
Nong Ja, she isn’t into wearing girlie clothes but we bought her a nice dress from the Thai cartoon movie Khan Kluay and she happily wore it to the temple for Father’s Day the other weekend.
Nong Ja Posing
Nong Ja Posing
Ja couldn’t help but pose.
Nong Ja and First
This is First, he is looked after by his grandparents and often comes over for a visit and to play with Ja. They get along well despite a big age difference. Often gives me a break as well.
Benjawan and Nong Ja
Benjawan and Nong Ja
Benjawan and Nong Ja
Ja was in a picture mood and she had asked me to take pictures of her, and then she dragged Benjawan into them as well. After each picture she would cast her eye over the viewfinder and give her approval.
Miss Noot and Nong Ja
Then it was Miss Noot’s turn. She objected at first as she has a small problem with acne at the moment and said she wasn’t beautiful. But Ja is very persistent and eventually Noot had a couple of pictures taken.

I was then told I must Photoshop any of them I put onto the blog, so I did as I was told. A quick clean up and I was given the green light to use the picture.
Nong Ja and Presents
One thing that caught Ja’s attention were the three small boxes I had wrapped and placed under the tree. A million questions and also telling me to open them were also made. But Ja has accepted they cannot be opened until the 25th. I am sure she doesn’t understand any of this.

They are just boxes with stuff jammed in them. I am not worried about Ja, but the other two larger monkeys in the house. One year they opened and then wrapped their presents back up thinking I wouldn’t notice.

So the countdown to Christmas is on in Isaan Thailand.


P.S. Sorry about the heading as it is just a shameless grab for more hits. And that will happen for sure :)


Issarat said...

Looks like you will be having a nice holiday season!
I miss your posts and found them informative and a window into weekly life in the northeast.

Here is a planking link you will get a laugh out of!

Brunty said...

Franky, it will be alright but quiet mate. I hope you are well and your Chrissy and New Year are good to you mate.

Thanks for the link and I love the comments from the readers, they don't hold back :)

The Yard Man said...

Hey mate. Good to see you back posting again. Your rants always give me a needed bit of light-hearted relief.

Merry Christmas,

ps. Hope to see you at Lucie's.