Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Ladyboys or katoeys Beauty Competition, Isaan Thailand 2009

I blogged about the Miss Noppamas Queen Title I attended the other night at the local university. Miss Benjawan, who I call my daughter, Miss Noot’s younger sister (she’s 18) went to another Noppamas title being held at a local government department.

This one proved to be much more entertaining as there was a special title being held for who are known as Thailand’s third sex, they being ladyboys or katoeys.

Look, I am not afraid to admit I have met some absolutely stunning ladyboys here in Thailand. Some have been easier to pick than others, some you think, “she’s a bit of alright,’ until she speaks and the forced girl’s voice is put on or a low deep voice that just doesn’t match the person you are looking at.

Katoeys or ladyboys are pretty well accepted here in Thailand, there are family fallouts of course, when a father cannot take his son wanting to be a woman. I think it was the winner of Miss Tiffany’s title, a very popular third sex title about two years ago told of how she was thrown out by the family and so forth.

My take on it all, I don’t have one. If they are happy wanting to be girls, then balls to them I say. If people are gay, they are gay, if people are lesbians, they are lesbians. I don’t give two fuc#s. I judge people on face value. I have friends in all walks of life, religions and beliefs.

Anyway, the girls (boys) below were some of the talent on display.
A Lovely Thai Boy
A Lovely Thai Boy
A Lovely Thai Boy
A Lovely Thai Boy
A Lovely Thai Boy
And the winner was this lovely lass, she does look adorable, doesn’t she? Some of these boys have obviously undergone sex reassignment surgery.

The laws in Thailand have just changed and now are in enforce, for sexual reassignment and for the better I believe. Before young teenage boys were having their block and tackle removed way too easily. Thankfully now Thailand has brought in laws similar to foreign countries.

People wishing to change sex, have to live as a woman, (not just dress up here and there) for a year. They have to be assessed by a psychiatrist, to assess their mental state before they are allowed to get hormone therapy from endocrinologists.

And when the time comes, at least two psychiatrists must give guarantees for transgender people who want to undergo the sex change.

And Foreigners seeking to have such operations here must get approval from a psychiatrist in their country of origin as well as a psychiatrist in Thailand before undergoing sex change surgery now.

I see these as all good changes, and the complaining from many of the transgender people is about the costs of the process now. Making the process of changing sex a set procedure will maybe help stop the few that have the reassignment surgery and then regret what they have done and commit suicide. And for others that are doing it for employment purposes.

But on paper this is the best part of the new regulations, require that surgeons or physicians undertaking the sex change be registered with the Medical Council. They must also treat any complications that occur following surgery.

There are many rogues out there, dodgy backyard grubs with no qualifications butchering some sex change seekers, the cheap price is often not the best option but for some Thais this is the only option.

The authorities need to really get tough on these unqualified surgeries and physicians and change the now piss weak fines and small threats of jail time. Fines need to be huge, and the rogues jailed for a long time to deter others.

That’s just my opinion on this, anyway.
A Young Thai Girl
Now the reason Benjawan was at this contest was to support her friend in the real Noppamas Queen Title for people born as girls only, her friend is 15, nearly 16.
Miss Noppamas Queen Contestant
Miss Noppamas Queen Contestant
Miss Noppamas Queen Contestant
Benjawan’s friend was announced as the third prize winner.
Miss Noppamas Queen Contestants
Now you can write in and abuse me for the following comments as being mean and uncalled for, go for it as it is a free universe (in many places). These two girls were the two fighting it out for the title. Now to me, they aren’t so special looking to me.

I don’t know Ben’s friend, I don’t think I have ever met her. But the girl on the right, man, the old saying, ‘only a mother could love,’ comes to mind. I think the old hand under the table was more than likely the culprit here.
Miss Noppamas Queen Winners
Of course the girl in blue won, there is no possible way the other could have won, no matter the amount persuasion paid.
Mum and Daughter Together
And the girl and her mother.
Miss Noppamas Queen Winner 2009
And to be fair to the winner, she does look a lot better in this picture.
Miss Benjawan and Her Friend
The photographer, Miss Benjawan and her friend. Ben looks so dark as her friend is plastered with white make-up. White is beautiful in Thailand.



MJ Klein said...

Brunty, i'm with you. i thought that the #16 ladyboy was looking better than the real-girl winner. let the flame wars begin! lol

Issarat said...

Great post of saying that 'people are people'; if only the world leaders had that same outlook.
I agree, the winner and 2nd place finisher in the ladies event; had to have been from a prominant family or friends of the judges; they were both pretty average at best.
Good to see that you are settled in with the upcountry life there and things don't seem to get to you as much (Hence, the fewer 'rants & raves" postings), good to hear as that stress will kill you.
Thanks for the blog; the stories are interesting.
See you for Songkran.

Brunty said...

MJ, the ladyboy was better looking than the actual real girl winner, is this a little sad? :)

Franky, people are different and what people choose to do with their lives is totally up to them.

I don't care what religion, sex, colour they are, as long as they are good hearted and intentioned.

The girls could have been from important families, who really knows but as you know politics play a huge role in everything in Thailand and also being HiSo is important.

I still have rants and raves but often cannot be bothered writing them, stress is a bad thing and I never try and have too much of this in my life.

I use the Mai Bpen Rai often now.

Look forward to Songkran mate, will be fun indeed.

Let me know exact dates later on and will arrange accom and such.