Saturday, 27 June 2009

Sunthorn Phu Day Thailand 2009

On Friday we had a ceremony in the morning to celebrate Sunthorn Phu Day. Sunthorn Phu is considered one of Thailand’s greatest poets. I wrote a more in depth post on this day and about this man in a blog 2 years ago and can read that by clicking here if you want to know more about the man.

Thai Teachers in Beautiful Thai Silk
On this day the Thai teachers are encouraged to wear their best Thai dress and this means expensive Thai silk outfits. Here are a few of the teachers who looked dazzling.
Thai Teachers and a Student
All was nearly ready to start the ceremony and pay respect and remember Sunthorn Phu.
Director Brother Sakda and Sunthorn Phu
Our school Director, Brother Sakda took to the base of our flagpole to pay his respect to the dead poet.
Director Brother Sakda Paying Respect
Brother Sakda placed a flower garland at the base of the remembrance shrine that had been set up.
Director Brother Sakda
Brother then read out a short speech to the poet. What it exactly said, I have no idea.
Sunthorn Phu Day Thailand 2009
Then a few of the Thai teachers said a few brief words.
Thai Student Reads a Sunthorn Phu Poem
Then a young and brave student, who had been luckily chosen from the few thousand, read one of Sunthorn Phu’s poems.
Sunthorn Phu, The Great Thai Poet
And this is a picture of Sunthorn Phu. It is of his statue that is situated Ban Kram, the supposed birthplace of his father, in Klaeng District. Or this is close to Rayong.
Thai Teachers Paying Respect
The Thai teachers then paid their respects by offering a Thai Wai and flower garland.
ThaI Teacher Paying Respect
Here is one of the Thai teachers, in a respectful bow just before placing her flower garland on the shrine.
ThaI Teacher Paying Respect
And here another teacher is paying her respect to Sunthorn Phu.

So that was just some of the excitement for my Friday morning before starting my hard day of work.


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