Sunday, 3 May 2009

Canon iP 1980 Pixma Installation Fun, Isaan Thailand.

Canon iP 1980 Printer
The other day I went out and bought a new printer for school. I wanted to have my own printer as it is just so much easier and convenient. I bought a basic ink jet, a Canon Pixma iP 1980.
Canon iP 1980 Printer
I had an ink tank installed; this saves a fortune on ink cartridge costs. The printer and the ink tank cost 1,900 Thai Baht. I bought the computer home and pulled it out of the box and got ready to install it on my laptop.

I put the installation disk supplied with the printer into the laptop and I was off and running. I followed the piece of paper that came with the disk on each step of the installation.

The first problem came when it came to where I was meant to choose 'the area/region where I lived'. I was going to choose Australia but this screen was skipped. To cut a long story short after the printer was installed everything was in Thai.

No worries. I uninstalled everything and went to the Canon Australia site. I found the correct driver and downloaded and installed.

Okay everything was in English. Well, almost everything. When I went to print properties the first five ‘Tabs’ General, Sharing, Ports were all in English but the last one was in Thai. This is one of the most important tabs, being the maintenance tab.

Why was this? I did a Google search and seen what I could find. I found some articles directing me to uninstall everything again, all printer drivers off the computer. I did this and when I reinstalled the same thing happened again.

I Googled again, used all different search words. There was plenty of so called fixes and I tried many but none were working. I then finally stumbled across a thread in a very popular website here in Thailand called Thaivisa.

I am not a big Thai visa fan; the website does offer very good information attaining to visas and all sorts of things to do with Thailand. It is in the forums where a lot of expats go and many of them are totally full of shit, over the top wankers who dribble absolute shit out of their mouths.

I mean maybe a guy asks in a thread, “I want to go to Phuket. Can anyone recommend how to get there?”

Now you do get many people with helpful answers but also all the scums with off the cuff remarks. I have seen some threads that are nothing but shit slinging fights between commenters.

Anyway, I found a link to Thai Visa and a guy posting under ‘Parryhandy’ gave this advice halfway down a thread.

I’ve got the MP140 but if its the same driver you can change the language as follows.

Control panel - printer and faxes- right click printer -properties- then page that pops up may be in Thai.

Click the 7th and last TAB (maintenance)- you will see a page with 10 pictures and writing next to them- underneath them there are 2 fairly wide buttons- click the right one (about) and a pop up box will appear. Near the bottom of this pop up is a drop down language menu- change to English- click ok which is the far left button below the said menu-ok again and the printer should now be in English.

I followed the guy’s advice and it was right on the money. It was so bloody easy after I had spent hours, many hours trying other things that didn’t work. Following Parry’s advice I had the language changed in 30 seconds and now everything is in English.

So to Parry, whoever you are. Thanks a lot mate, you are a little ripper. I just wish I had found this advice about 4 hours before.



Malcolm and CieJay Burgess said...

Brunty , I can't believe it , I have been putting up with the thai lanuage on my canon printer for one year as I could not figure it out , I followed your advice from the guy and within 1 min I have english thank you sooooooo much , It is good to have your own printer , my son found that out too. Malcolm

michael hare said...

Well that should motivate you to start learning to read and write Thai Brunty.

I am that not that great at Thai reading but for that sort of thing that you described I'm okay.

In Mukdahan last week at the hotel I had a heck of a time trying to change the hotel internet hotmail from Vietnamese back to either Thai or English. Everything else was okay but whenever I clicked into to access my hotmail account everything came up in Vietnamese.

Staff were of no help. Took me 20 minutes to figure things out.

Enjoy your printing.


PS Myself and all my staff all have our own printers and scanners.

What about the live-in-translator? Was she on strike?

Brunty said...

Malcom I am glad it worked for you and it was so easy to do. The guy is a genius.

Michael, I can read Thai but very slowly. I am learning all the vowels and how they change when with certain symbols, also how the consonants sound change when not at the start of a word and so forth.

To me very confusing but enjoy studying.

The live in translator I only use when I have to as I like to work out for myself, this way I learn Thai when translating things.

We share almost everything in our office, the computers are the worst. Usually out of 12 computers only a few work. The others are full of viruses and all sort of problems with software.

The wireless internet is terrible, up and down like a yo-yo. I bought a long ethernet cable to connect my laptop to the router in the computer room.

It meant making a small hole in the wall to get the cable through. I am sure know one will object but if they do it is too late now as the hole is already there and also the cable is already through.

I now have reliable and very fast internet connection.

The start of the year is looking good.

michael hare said...

For many years I have enjoyed TT&T broadband internet at home. Fast and reliable. 630 baht/month. Comes in via the telephone line. We have set up a wireless box in the study that gives us wireless throughout the house from the modem.

Since Thursday, at peak hours-afternoons, evenings and nights, I can't connect. I know what it is. The TT&T crooks have put more junctions-branchs into my line to serve dorms, offices, schools etc in my area because in the mornings it is okay. They have a big promtion on in town.

So I have rung the 1103 number and get Bangkok, then Korat who contact to the Ubon service centre. I ring 4-5 times a day. I also ring the Ubon office direct.

I even talk to the service guys. I give them my mobile telephone number. Now it is Monday evening and no joy. No one hasc turned up yet.They say they are coming.

They know what the problem is. Just a massive overload but they won't admit it. Because I have excellent internet at work I can afford to be patient.

I will niggle at them every day for however long it takes to bring service back to normal 24 hours a day.

TT&T. Quck to install and take your money but a real joke as far as maintenance goes.



Brunty said...

Michael, I have TOT and have had some problems in the past. Usually it was slow interent speeds.

I too put in complaints with promises of a Technician would come anc check my interent, never happened.

I went to TOT one day, walked in and then asked to speak to teh manager. I got the usual "Can I help you?'

I told them i wanted the manager only. Eventually the manager came and I told them about the problem and the 4 or 5 calls I had made over the previous week.

There were sorrys and then a promise of a tech guy coming to my house that day.

I said "No, a tech NOW!" To the guys credit he didn't muck around and an hour later a guy was there at the office and follwed me home.

He tested the internet and said "all is okay"

I said it isn't the actual internet but the speeds. I did a speed check and then showed him they were nowhere near what I was paying for.

He did some tests and then agreed. I went back to TOT and they upgraded me to whatever the best or fastest ADSL they have.

Since then I haven't had any real problems. Down time has been minimal. I still pay my old and original ADSL package.

I wish you luck with yours and hope all is fixed and running at good speeds soon.

michael hare said...


Finally the TT&T guys came yesterday, Tuesday. They wanted to come in the morning but that is when everything is running okay. I put them off until 4 pm, the peak user time, when I can't get on.

They fixed lines outside on the street somewhere and then did some adjustments to my modem.

Now everything is back to normal at all hours.

Maybe I am on a new system. Who knows? The technicans didn't talk much-just got on with the job.

So, for those of you out there with internet problems such as not connecting, slow speed etc, you have to be persistent and polite and finally something might happen, even if it takes almost a week.

Michael Hare

Coffman said...

I just brought Cannon ip1980 just 1,500 bht at chiang mai thailand .I have the same problem to change language to English.Now i can change it.Thanks you very much for this Blog.

Stan said...

The little things in life really matter. Fixed me right up. Can't recover the 6 hours of failure but thanks to you have prevailed...too bad we can't send the manufacturer a bill for stupidity... Thanks!!

Brunty said...

Stan I am glad you have the problem fixed. It was so frustrating for me at the time too.

Bo Stenberg said...

Many thanks from CM. Was thinking of buying this printer (would you believe Bht. 1290 at Lotus?), glad I checked first, and your commentary was priceless.

Note on TT&T. I signed up 3 years ago--endless scams. I cancelled and took a small bath on deposit, useless modem, etc. But then I did something smart. I bought a USB mobile telephone modem (Solomon, but you can do better now), normally used for laptops in back of speeding Mercedes. It is not as fast. And not as cheap. But it works well, all the time, through DTAC. And I never have to confront TT&T again--how much would you pay for peace of mind. Jai yen is worth the pursuit and if you pay a few baht extra to avoid jai lorn, money well spent.

Will be picking up the Pixma 1980 tomorrow.

PS. Ignore the purist/linguistic crowd. It's a matter of trying too hard (way too hard) and, nine times out of ten, leads to the departure gate at the airport. You already know what you're doing...

Roger said...

Found this blog looking for the solution to the language problem. I've got a iP1600 that came from a business my wife had "invested" in and went bust. I had to reinstall Windows (XP Pro) last month and today was the first time I ran into the problem. I read Thai well enough for everyday purposes, but I didn't recognize most of the technical language on the Maintenance tab. Anyway, it's not a matter of being able to read Thai or not. Who would ever thing of looking on the About page for a control setting the language?

My other problem has been with me for over a year. Every time I log out of Hotmail (I set up the accounts for spam catchers years ago, but occasionally have reasons to actually use them) I get sent the the MSN Thailand home page. Usually there's a box at the top asking if I want to go the the US page, but why do I have to do this every time? why isn't there a way to make the choice permanent? I've searched on Google, but obviously haven't hit on the magic search words yet.