Friday, 14 November 2008

Home cooked Thai food, Isaan Thailand.

Miss Noot
We have been a little busy lately, well busy and also a little lazy and hadn’t been cooking as much at home. Miss Noot got back into the kitchen to work her magic.
Fresh Vegetables
I love the fresh vegetables from the local market.
Noot also bought some kidneys to go with the chicken we already had.
Chef Noot
Miss Noot was off to work, dicing and cutting away.
Kidney dish
Here the kidney is cooking, I know it doesn’t look great in the picture but it tastes nothing like it looks.
Eggs beaten
Miss Noot had beaten some eggs to make an omelette, she had added some soy sauce and this is why it looks dark.
happy chef Noot
Miss Noot is a happy chef.
Ben and Noot
Ben and Noot were sick of me taking pictures, I have a really bad habit, just can’t help myself. Is there a help group out there?
Thai 3 course meal
Our 3 course meal was served with steamed rice.
Thai noodle salad
Now this meal wasn’t enough for the girls and they ventured out to get some very spicy Thai noodle salad with very smelly fish sauce, maybe their dessert.
Mighty Newcastle
And this is my new Newcastle addition to the house. The mighty Toons are about to turn their season around, I hope!



avenaoat said...

First I am sorry for my poor English. Secondly I do not understand you, Miss Noot and you. What is your future plan, to found a family together with some children, in this case I understand you, Miss Noot have to complet her college and after becoming graduate you plan your future. Btw I like the mix marriage. If I do not offend you I would like to write more comments and question for you.
What is the difference between thai food and Isaan food? Can you give us a short explanetion about it?

jamaica2 said...

First of all. You are English teacher and original Aussi, I am sorry for my poor English knowlige.
What are the differences between the Thai food and the Isaan food? Can you give me short explanation about it?
Secondly I would like to ask you about the Thai/Isaan life, if this is not disturbed you?