Monday, 11 February 2008

Thailand. Dancing boys dressed as girls and more.

These are pictures of older students for our school’s family night. This was year 7, 8 and 9 students and they sang a song to the late princess Galayani Vadhana. It was a nice gesture but they didn’t put a lot of effort into it and couldn’t here the singing over the music that was too loud.

Here some of the students are holding fancy candle holders that added a nice look. The kids outfits were really out there at times and many are really influenced on Korean trends. Korean TV is huge here and it isn’t as bad as Thai TV but up there.

My year 7 students took to the stage and got ready to do their thing. This is Jay and Ta.

Jay just couldn’t help but laugh when the dancing started.

This is Miss Aim and Adul. They were centre stage.

Here are Miss Mint and Nok.

Here Miss Fern is in a tartan outfit.

Here Aim and Ta shake things up.

These are year 8 students.

Have a look at these outfits.

Look at the girls and their lovely dresses. Can you pick the boy?

The lead singer, he was smooth and lip-synced well.

Here are Three year 11 girls and their spectacular outfits.

Now, these boys were a handful. They played it up and had a ball.

Some of the girls and boys mixed together.

This was the star of the year 11 show. Isn’t he a lovely girl?

These two students were guests from another school called Benchama. They went through 5 or 6 different styles of dances and all I can say is that it was beautiful to watch. I am not a professional on real dancing and have only watched shows on TV but these two have a good future in front of them. It was so refreshing to watch two people glide around the large stage so gracefully, and not see hip thrusting and shaking butts.

The funny thing was that when they finished there were no other people who wanted to get a picture of them, I was the only one. It seemed that serious beautiful and graceful dancing isn’t appreciated by the crowd, they did get a good round of applause but that was it. I gave each of them 100 baht. I don’t do this often, only when the people deserve it and they did.

The finale for the night was an absolute ripper. Now, we a re a catholic school and we had the Head of Saint Gabriel’s in attendance, the top Brother. And this was the scene. There were 5 girls out the front in revealing outfits and the girl with red shorts; well, her shorts were so short that not a lot was covered.

The music started and they spun around and ‘Hello’, they were all boys! What a surprise! Now I was trying not to fall over and piss myself laughing when they got down on all fours in doggy style and started to simulate something that happens in a bedroom. I thought it was hilarious but I am not sure about others.

These were the real girls in the show and they were just in the background and not doing a lot.

Look at these two boys. They are very up front and are definitely not shy.

This is the star girl and her short shorts. He always loves to dress up in the skimpiest outfits any chance he gets.

So that is the older students, well some of them. There are many more pictures but they are for another day.



juan alberto isern said...

i am quite surprised to see boys dress as girls, acting in the "family day show" of a catholic school, i had studied in a catholic school in spain and this kind of show had not been allowed.

Brunty said...

Juan. I was surprised the first year, but now I'm not at all. Back home in a Catholic this wouldn't have a chance of happening and if students did try and pull off a show like this they would be in so much trouble that they would more than likely be expelled.

Thailand is a very different culture to back home.

panker said...

I would love to see the star girl in her little red shorts. How old is the boy/girl, and how could they have anything on underneath those sexy red shorts. I hope you plan to show more. I was in a catholic school and I dressed up in a school girl uniform, not one of the teachers knew I was a boy. I know how it feels.

panker said...

still trying to see if Brunty has more pics of the boy/girl. Is that really a boy? Come on Brunty show the people more pics of the girl/boy in those hot pants.

panker said...

Why don't you show more pictures of the star girl/boy in her sexy outfits. If that is really a boy.

Sissy said...

Hi, I am surprised, but pleasently so to find these pictures of these very pretty boys. How I wish such was available for me when I was younger. I love expressing my own femininity, and do so whenever I can, but this is very rare. Mostly, I celebrate my femininity at home. Would love to see more if possible. Would love to know more about the culture that allows for this. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

while these boys are so feminine it boggles the mind trying to see whats next, my exploration of my feminine side was and is very worthwhile to me and i hope one day to see more pictures.