Friday, 18 May 2007

Best Thai Massage in Thailand in Isaan Country. Ubon Ratchathani

If you want proper real Thai massage not the type you get in Bangkok and Pattaya there is a place here in Ubon Ratchathani that is just amazing. The place is immaculate clean and skilfully and wonderfuly designed. It is a members club but also open to the public and you have to make a booking. I couldn't even take photos of inside as the staff said 'no' but I have meet the owner at golf and hope to get some in the near future.

You walk in and the polished timber is just exceptional and gleams. The smell of aroma oils burning relaxes you straight away. The waiting area is like a 5 star hotel with soft leather recliners and couches and a beautiful water feature. You can sit and relax and listen to pleasant calming music or read a magazine or newspaper.

Just being in the building makes you feel better without even being touched. The Thai massage lasts for 2 hours and costs a massive 300 baht (how cheap is that! Not even $11 dollars Australian). The staff are very professional and are properly accredited.

You are lead out to a room to start the Thai massage but first you are sat down and they wash your feet in rose petal water. This could be a problem if you are ticklish. Then you are taken to your massage room and given a pair of pants to wear for the massage. You can ask for a gentle, medium or hard massage and believe me these little ladies are very strong. You are massaged from head to toe for 1 and a half hours with them using their fingers, palms, knees and elbows. Sometimes it is very hard to not jump up when an elbow is dug into a sensitive spot. Even with all the pain it still feels so good if this makes any sense at all.

After the massage you are left for around 10 minutes to recover and then you can change and go back out into the waiting area. The next day you feel like a truck has hit you as your muscles are sore like you have done a massive workout the day before. 2 days after the massage you feel like a million dollars and have a new bounce in your step.

Massages available

Thai massage- 300 baht for 2 hours

Foot -240 baht for 1 hour

Herbal -300 baht for 1 hour

Foot, back, shoulder- 400 baht for 90 minutes

Swedish-800 baht for 90 minutes

Aroma- 800 baht for 90 minutes

The works-2,200 baht for 150 minutes

Facial- 700 baht

Ear candle massage-1,200 baht.

The place is called Guy Jai (sorry I have translated this from the Thai) and is just around the corner from Robinson Mall or opposite Toyota’s service department . It is 200 metres down from the traffic lights on the right hand side. The receptionist speaks good English and also a few of the staff aren’t too bad.

Guy Jai
242/2-4 Upalisan road
Ubon Ratchathani
Ph 045-250471
Ph 045-243225

If you are in Ubon Ratchathani and feel a little sore then definitely go here and you will have the best massage ever and that’s a money back grantee. Brunty

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