Sunday, 25 February 2007


I have a hard time believing that this website is aimed at teenagers because of it's content. It borders on pornographic with the images of some of the girls and it also crosses over into the macabre by showing the pictures of dead people. When I first started at the school where I work the students from the EBP department used the computers during their lunch breaks and would look at this website and others and speak to anyone on MSN chat or Yahoo.

One day I seen some Matayom 2 boys looking at some very risque shots of some famous superstar model who was wearing as little as possible and showing as much cleavage as she could. When I asked what they were looking at the quickly closed the page. I simply went into the history of the computer and there were heaps of photos they had looked at from that were all very revealing. I brought this up with the head of the department and was told the students could only use the computers to search for work they were doing in their classes. So this ruled out all ten students.

I started to be a pain in the ass to these kids, every time I walked in the computer room and seen any kids logged onto any chat rooms, Thai websites I kicked them out. They were all really starting to hate me. I didn't care because it was very peaceful in the computer room.

Then one day a matayom 1 student and his friends got caught looking at pornography, I didn't find out until later. The funny thing is they were all gathered around the computer 6 kids speaking Thai and there was another Thai teacher in the room who hopped up from her computer walked over and nearly fell over when she seen the computer screen.

Of course this couldn't get out it would be bad news if parents or outsiders found out about it so it was dealt with in house (the parents of the students were not even told about it). I from then on stopped any students using the computers, unfair? Maybe, but it is a pain in the backside when you are trying to do work and watch 10 computers to see what the students are looking at.

When the good students (you know who good students are) come and ask to use a computer, I let them. But if they stuff up and start chatting on a chat site or writing emails then I ban them from the computer room. It might sound hard but when I see the content of these sites I don't believe kids under the age of 18 should accessing this content anyway.

It is easy to see why Thai boys and men (most not all) treat the Thai girls the way they do, when these girls are portrayed as meat on these sites and you also understand why you see some of the girls dress they way they do when they are copying their superstar hero's. It's sad and I don't think it will change in a hurry, worse luck.

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