Friday, 26 October 2012

Missing Nong Ja

Nong Ja
It has been a while since my little girl, Nong Ja left my life. I still get to see her when I go to Bangkok, but I miss coming home to her every day and the joy she brought to my life. Nong Ja
It seemed to be getting easier but some days are just so hard without her, especially after I talk to her on the phone and she asks me to take her swimming or to the Tiger Zoo.

When people say, "I wouldn't change a thing they have done in their lives", there are some things I would change in a heartbeat.

I didn't know what I had lost, until it was gone. It was too late then.


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Wire. Must Watch Show.

The Wire
To anyone who doesn't know of this show, I recommend you get your hands on it as it is excellent viewing.
Breaking Bad
I was pointed into its direction by a friend after we were both having withdrawals from Breaking Bad being on break until its last season starts next year.

A great show, if you like a drama with a bit of action, this is your show. Brilliant.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A New Family Member, Isaan Thailand.

The other week, Gluay arrived home from work and tells me a friend’s dog has had puppies and could she get one. Haiter
I of course said, “No” but this obviously was misunderstood as a week later a dog arrived home with her. named him “Haiter”, this is after a bleach product. I have named him “Shithead”. Haiter
He has now been with us 3 weeks, and he is a lovely dog but I just didn’t want the responsibility of looking after a dog. Haiter
I must say though, he is a lovely little fella. Very playful and can be an absolute pain in the bum. Haiter
He is well looked after, spoiled you could say. He is well feed, bathed nearly every day, gets plenty of attention and he gets to go to work with Gluay every day. I do admit I do enjoy having him about and he gets me out of the house more often now which is a good thing for me and him. Brunty